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Our story

Our story

We created DSSC with the firm belief that the future of financial services is digital.

The market for digital financial transactions in Africa and the Middle East is on the verge of explosive growth. Only a small part of the population in these regions has access to bank accounts and credit cards, and only a fraction of remittances is done digitally. However, the move from cash to digital financial transactions in the Middle East and Africa has been consistently gathering pace, driven by consumer demand for safety and efficiency, tightening regulations and the increasing popularity of mobile wallets. Crucially, governments in the region started to promote cashless policies, faced with strong evidence that financial inclusion and access to functioning financial services for the unbanked population are the powerful drivers of economic growth.

Despite this trend, many money transfer companies in Africa and the Middle East do not yet have a platform for digital remittances, and are therefore ill prepared for the structural changes that are transforming the remittances landscape. Similarly, despite the rapid adoption of mobile payment systems, there is only a fraction of mobile wallets in the region, compared to mobile accounts, and many well-established telecom operators do not have a licence to operate mobile money.

As a company, we are young and nimble, but we also employ some of the most experienced professionals in the digital payments and remittances industry. Our mission is to develop and service state-of-the-art digital platforms and help our clients take full advantage of the digital transformation in the financial services industry.