DSSC develops advanced white label technology and provides compliance, data protection and marketing services which help its clients conduct fast, reliable and low-cost money transfers across different countries, networks and currencies.

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Our products

Paymenta is an advanced platform for international remittances and mobile payments, developed in-house by the DSSC technology team.

Through its platform API; Paymenta connects banks, money transfer companies, mobile operators, merchants and utility providers to its network. Facilitating remittances, bill payments, wage transfers and other financial transactions.

Paymenta ensures interoperability between different operators connected to its network and manages technical connection, forex, financial settlement, compliance and data protection.


Incluswif is a scalable payment switch developed to increase financial inclusion within emerging markets.

  • Enabling efficient, effective and accessible digital finance services to drive financial and social inclusion among the excluded masses.

  • Improvement the efficiency in government financial and revenue collection processes.

  • Support of a robust oversight of government’s policy delivery mechanism through a digital environment.
  • Providing financial empowerment and inde- pendence to the population through digital payment services.

  • Supporting governments and stakeholder aims and aspirations through fit for purpose data analysis.

  • Enhancing given country pro le through world class compliance infrastructure and ser vices.


Complementa is our compliance offering. It is not just an sanctions, interdiction and PEP checking service, but also gives you support around your compliance regime by providing due diligence on all companies in the ecosystem that will interact with you.

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